College Business Law – Cyberspace Textbook/Course Outline


Cyberspace Textbook

Web Resource Links

Unit Unit Topics Web Links Assignments
One Introduction to Law

bullet Chapter 1: Ethics and Law


Bill-DC or Bust

bullet Chapter 2: Criminal Law


bullet Chapter 3: Problems in Society

bullet Chapter 4: The Law of Torts

Bill-Soldier and Old lady

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bullet Chapter 5: The US Court System

bullet Chapter 6: Trial Procedure

Chapter 1: Ethics and Law Us Constitution

 The Rise of the Amendments.

 How does a Bill Become a Law?(NYC)


 NYS Constitution

 NYS Statutues



 Chapter 2: Criminal Law

 NYS Consolidated Laws(Statutes)

 NYS Criminal Law(Penal) Codes

 NYS Classification of Criminal Offenses

 NYS Criminal Sentencing for Criminal Offenses

 NYS Crimes Defined

 *Crimes against people

 *Crimes against property

 *Crimes against business Search for:




 Computer Crimes

 BOZO Criminals of the Day(fun)


 Chapter 3: Problems in Society

 Drub and Substance Abuse

 Domestice Abuse



 Chapter 4: The Law of Torts




Automobile Accidents


Medical Malpractice


*Malpractice Cases


Product Liability Claims


Wrongful Death Claims


wpe21.jpg (1735 bytes)



NYNewsday Tort Law Case/Verdicts






Chapter 5: The US Court System

 Federal and NYS Courts

 Courts of New York

 NYS Court System



 Chapter 6: Trial Procedure

 Federal Criminal Procedure

 Federal Civil Procedure

 Criminal Trial Procedure

 Criminal Trial Procedure 2

  1. Investigating the US Constitution

2.  Chapter 2 Criminal Law Worksheet Assignment

3. Assignment: Vandalism and Shoplifting


4. The Law of Torts-Negligence


*Use these links and summarize the answers to the FAQ’s


*Medical malpractice


*Product Liability


*Wrongful Death Claims


(1-2 Sentences)







5. Overview of NYS Court System

Two Contractual Law

bullet Chapter 7-11 Elements of a Contract
bullet Chapter 12: Form of a Contract
bullet Chapter 13: Ending a Contract
bullet Chapter 14: Breach of Contract

Sample Contracts
Three Consumer Law

bullet Chapter 16: Importance of Warranties
bullet Chapter 17: Consumer Protection
bullet Chapter 18: Buying and Insuring a Car

NYS Consumer Protection NYS Consumer Protection Board Guide to Small Claims Court and How Federal and State Consumer Laws Work




  1. Consumer Law Case Studies
  2. Karate School Settles on Deceptive Practices
  3. Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices

 General False Advertising Law

 Bait and Switch Law

 Telemarketing Scams

 Lemon Law of America

 Lemon Law Record Check

 NYS New Car Lemon Law

 NYS Used Car Lemon Law

 Consumer Protection Tips from NYS Attorney General Eliot Spitzer


  1. Telemarketing Fraud
  2. Computer Rebate Offers
  3. Home Improvements
  4. Pet Lemon Law


Four Employment Law

bullet Chapter 23: Employment Contracts and Minors and Employment
bullet Chapter 24: Employment Protection

Employment Law Case Studies
Five Property Law

bullet Chapter 19: Personal Property and Bailments
bullet Chapter 27: Renting an Apartment
bullet Chapter 28: Purchasing Real Property

Six Domestic Relation Laws

bullet Chapter 25: Marriage and Its Legal Consequences
bullet Chapter 26: Divorce

Domestic Relations Case Studies Family Law Summarized
Seven Forming and Operating a Business

bullet Chapter 35: Sole Proprietorship and Partnerships
bullet Chapter 36: Forming and Financing a Corporation
bullet Chapter37: Operating a Corporation

Eight Looking Towards the Future

bullet Chapter 29: Insurance Protection
bullet Chapter 39: Retirement Income
bullet Chapter 40: Wills and Intestacy



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